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Filters should be replaced every month when a system is running. Always replace with the same size and type as the original. If your filter is not disposable, follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning.



Leaving your thermostat on "ON" so it runs constantly actually helps filter the air in your home. And, because the air is constantly moving, you get a more even temperature. (Note: in humid and coastal areas, you should not run your fan in the continuous mode during cooling because this will add moisture back into your home).



Shrubs or flowers should not be planted closer than 18 inches to your outdoor unit. Air conditioners need to take in and exhaust air to operate efficiently. If air cannot circulate, the unit could build up heat, use more energy and decrease cooling capacity.



Covering your outdoor unit in the winter is not necessary. Air conditioners are manufactured to withstand all possible climate changes. In fact, rain helps keep the unit clean. And, because heat pumps run all year long, they should never be covered.






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